Defensive Back Sideline Tackling Drills


The purpose of these Defensive Back Sideline Tackling Drills is to work especially on the open field tackling, using

  • angles
  • the sideline
  • and taking away the cutback.


Build 2 lines facing each other 10 yards apart, 6 yards from the sideline. Place a cone in the middle also about 6 yards from the sideline.

Upon command the Defensive Back starts backpedaling, break and run forward to his original starting point.

At the same time the ballcarrier runs towards a point between the sideline and the cone.

The ball carrier then tries to get past the tackler, either going along the sideline or cutting back into the field.

Coaching Points

  • The one and only priority for the Tackler is to make the tackle.
  • All general tackling coaching points:
    • staying low
    • good base
    • feet moving
    • eyes up
  • The Tackler should play it slow and save.
  • Defensive Back should play it from the inside to the outside, taking away the cutback without giving the ball carrier too much room on the sideline.
  • A push-out serves just as good as a tackle…


  • Football(s)
  • Cone