Defensive Back Shuffle Drill


The purpose of this Defensive Back Shuffle Drill is to work on and improve the footwork for the shuffle while at the same time work on quickness.


  1. Put 2 cones on two yardlines each. Marking a distance of about 5 yards.
  2. Two Defensive Backs line up at a cone – one at each yardline.
  3. Upon command the shuffle as quickly as they can to the other cone and back.

Coaching Points

  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Bend the knees
  3. Don’t “false” steps
  4. Chin over toes
  5. Shoulders over knees
  6. DBs face each other
  7. This IS a race
  8. Stay square, don’T turn
  9. Relax your arms and shoulders
  10. Move in a straight line
  11. Never cross feet
  12. Full speed through finish line


  • 4 cones

This Defensive Back Shuffle Drill is contributed by ©2007 Leon Criner (✝️ Nov. 14, 2014), at the time Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator and Jimmy Sims, at the time Assistant Professor of Health & Physical Education / Head Football Coach at Los Angeles Valley College – The Los Angeles Valley College Monarchs played then in the Western States Conference, now in the SCFA, Southern California Football Association.