Defensive Back Mirror Drill

Mirror Drill - Setup

Mirror Drill – Setup


The purpose of this Defensive Back Mirror Drill is to teach the defensive backs to stay in the face of a receiver. Also a great footwork and reaction drill.

Description and Coaching Points

  1. DB has hands behind back
  2. Mirror Wide Receiver, stay in front of him
  3. Try to stay square
  4. Keep a yard apart
  5. Focus on belt buckle
  6. On his upfield move, stay in front
  7. Bring your feet
  8. Don’t crossover


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This Defensive Back Mirror Drill is contributed by ©2007 Leon Criner (✝️ Nov. 14, 2014), at the time Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator and Jimmy Sims, at the time Assistant Professor of Health & Physical Education / Head Football Coach at Los Angeles Valley College – The Los Angeles Valley College Monarchs played then in the Western States Conference, now in the SCFA, Southern California Football Association.