Defense Bails Out Peyton Manning – Again

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Colts win in Baltimore 15-6

This time the almost traditional inability of Peyton Manning to perform near anywhere near his abilities (passer rating 39.6 with 2 interceptions) didn’t eliminate the Indianapolis Colts from the playoffs. Thanks to a defense performing at the top, holding Steve McNair and the Baltimore Ravens to only two Matt Stover fieldgoals.

If defense really wins championships, then the Indianapolis Colts are definitely on their way to Superbowl XLI.

They sacked Steve McNair times, intercepted him twice (once on their own 1-yard line, preventing not only what would be a go ahead touchdown, but also taking the (almost) automatic 3 points from them). Thus putting their offense with Peyton Manning often enough in a position to move the at least near enough towards the Ravens endzone to enable Adam Vinatieri to kick a postseason record-tying 5 fieldgoals. With these 5 fieldgoals Adam Vinatieri moved also into first place for career postseason fieldgoals made (34).

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