2 Minute Offense

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Goals of the 2-Minute Offense

  • Move the ball
  • Save time
  • Keep the defense on their heels

Move the ball

That the ultimate imperative! If you don’t move the ball, you don’t need to worry about the other goals

Without moving the ball you can’t score and you can’t win!

It’s that simple

Save time

Say, you move the ball, it’s also necessary to move it quickly (game-clock wise). Or the time expires on you and you can’t score either

Keep the Defense on their heels

Actually this is more a consequence of the time saving aspect above, and at the same time a guarant for the goal of movig the ball

The 2 Minute Offense System

  • One Base Formation (Double Slot, Shot gun)
  • the receivers just run to the nearest spot they are to, when the previous play is called dead.
    (This shortens their ways and gives you 2 advantages: The players can save a couple of steps, saving energy, they’re quicker set again, saves time and/or gives them another breath or two of rest)
  • 5 selected plays, each gets the name of one of your starting OL
  • 4 snap counts:
    Basic: Set, Hut
    on 2: Set, Hut, Hut – relayed to the players by the name of the starting 2-Back
    on 3: Set, Hut, Hut, Hut – relayed by the name of the starting 3-Back
    on 4 (rarely used) name of the starting 4-Back

Goals reached by this 2 Minute Offense System

That way it happend quite regularly that the Offense is ready to go even before the ball is spotted, which of course is the absolutely best to save time.

This ususally also gets the defense into an disarray, and often creates a mismatch if they try to cover man2man, or the zone-coverages are out of position…

How to practice the 2 Minute Offense

Once or twice a week, immeditately after team warmup, start a 2-Minute Drill Session about 10 to 15 minutes long.

Other situtations where you can apply the 2 minute Offense

  • As a single drive at the begining of a half, to set the tempo and keep the defense on the field
  • As a change of tempo drive immediately after a turnover
  • It can give your players an extra boost of confidence…

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